Tara Crowley: Writer, Artist, and Storyteller - Drawing with words, writing with a palette.

Projects: Past, Present, Future

Various works in development, completed, and eclectic interests...to keep up with changes, updates, blog posts, and the completion of projects, follow my work at the place you most frequent...

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Current Project(s)

Imagination and Learning: A Fabric Book
It's not a dream, it's an eventual reality...eventually; learn about the progress here.

Zombie Apocalypse (Produced by A Good Tale)
One of several writers for A Good Tale's ongoing project Zombie Apocalypse.(Shelved)
Update: Writing the novel Zombie Walking.

Completed Projects

Fabrics: Over 100+ fabrics created, available on Spoonflower.

Art Prints: Available online.

Website: Creating and coding my site and blog.


The place where my art, cartoons, drawings, paintings, and digital works are available as beautiful fabric repeats for clothing, crafts, and other fun stuff where fabric is used. Check my fabric out here: TaraCrowleyTheWyrd on Spoonflower. (Spoonflower offers several different types of fabric appropriate for various projects; for the highest image quality, I recommend their Cotton Poplin.)

Visit my Spoonflower shop here.
A World of Rain Fish Undying Love The Jesters Party, Shakespearean Sunbonnet Sue 1950s Inspired
Skulln Bown Chains Abaceye Rows Watching  (Black Backdrop) Robot Panels with Rivets Ghostly Jellyfish
Lady Zebra Large Fabric Print Neon Stitch Carousel Horse Triad of Bones Winter Snow Nutcracker
Heartstrings by Tara Crowley Tech-Savvy Tomorrows Lady Zebra White and Pink Polka Dot Fabric The Jesters Party Cards

Art Prints

Cards, prints, pillows, and other visually stunning stuff at my various online art shops:

Tara Crowley at Redbubble. Tara Crowley at Spoonflower. Tara Crowley at Society6.


Coding and creation:

Building and maintaining my own site and domain has always been a professional and personal interest. Perfecting a site and blog with all the HTML5, CSS, and PHP tweaking is awesome; then life and technology change, tossing a wrench into the works to be fixed. Diligence.

Future Projects...Would You Like to See More?

The more kind comments, informing of interested friends, and of course purchases of my work, the more prolific I can be in creating more works you like. Of my work you've seen, let me know what you like.

If you see any typos or find any errors...then at least you know I'm human.

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