Tara Crowley: Writer, Artist, and Storyteller - Drawing with words, writing with a palette.


Through self-directed education, writer, artist, and storyteller Tara Crowley tactfully avoided formal art training, preferring instead to develop her own style and techniques because it's always fun to reinvent the wheel; to draw from her own perspective. She is both a visual artist and a writer, with each artistic discipline inspiring the other.

The Silver Apple, Copyright 2014 Tara Crowley.Neither a prolific artist nor a sparse one, as a perfectionist she has learned when to call a work finished, or "97% perfect to achieve 100% perfection." Successfully conveying her style and voice to paper, and on a myriad of unconventional canvas types, she always achieves the results intended - even when unexpected.

Two of her favourite words are paradigm and eccentric.

Tara Crowley was born in Canada in 1978. Travelling the country while growing up living in several provinces along the way, she now resides in the province of New Brunswick where she lives with friends, family, cats, and the various denizens of nature. With so much English, Irish, and Scottish in her ancestry she is quite prone to arguing with herself. When not drawing or writing, she is typically thinking about drawing or writing; inventing future works. Other times she may be found reading books of all types, playing with her website code, or attending to one of her other numerous interests...because life is fascinating.

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